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If you couldn't make it to the vibes that was The Cook Up album release party you can still be involved in the moment with a commemorative poster from the evening. 11x17 inches long, full color, and autographed. Comes in two (2) different styles!! Limited supply

The Cook Up is a ten track full album featuring FAT produced almost exclusively by The Chef .

With production beginning in 2020 and spanning almost 3 years The Cook Up is a diverse, yet familiar blend of FAT's heavy, bar-centric lyrics over the various musical stylings of The Chef (plus a guest appearance by B Parker Beats) & mix and mastered by Grammy nominee Big Kang giving you a range of emotions from love and hustle to confusion, frustration, and melancholy.

In line with FATs brand of individualism and self acceptance with a dose of storytelling and braggadocio, The Cook Up provides a unique perspective from the eyes and passion of a progressing artist on the rise.

Featuring singles:

-"One Night in Baton Rouge" featuring D-Block's own J Hood -

-"Cuban" -

-"Baguette" -

-"Dog" -

-"Grip" featuring Kiwi Sweet

With further musical appearances by Madison Jay , J. Riddy , and Vo-Kal

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The Cook Up 11x17 Poster