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The Cook Up is a ten track full album featuring yours truly produced almost exclusively by The Chef . 


With production beginning in 2020 and spanning almost 3 years The Cook Up is a diverse, yet familiar blend of FAT's heavy, bar-centric lyrics over the various musical stylings of The Chef (plus a guest appearance by B Parker Beats) & mix and mastered by Grammy nominee Big Kang giving you a range of emotions from love and hustle to confusion, frustration, and melancholy. 


In line with FATs brand of individualism and self acceptance with a dose of storytelling and braggadocio, The Cook Up provides a unique perspective from the eyes and passion of a progressing artist on the rise.




Featuring singles:


-"One Night in Baton Rouge" featuring D-Block's own J Hood -


-"Cuban" -


-"Baguette" -


-"Dog" -


-"Grip" featuring Kiwi Sweet


With further musical appearances by Madison Jay , J. Riddy , and Vo-Kal


Physical & digital copies are also available 

Find out more at


Thank you for listening


FAT is an award winning rapper and black illustrator born and raised in Greensboro, North Carolina. An oddly charming sonic mix of a cup of Rick Ross, with a tablespoon of E-40 and a dash of Weird Al. FAT started writing lyrics at the early age of ten years old as a way to express himself outwardly. "For a long time music was my journal". FAT makes music for those in touch with the human experience.

The Cook Up (Digital)

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