I wrote my first rhyme at 10, and had my first studio session at 15. Music is my passion. 


Raise a Toast to 2021 with The Fatboy

Recorded, mixed, & mastered at Livewire Studios in Greensboro, NC, "Toast" was written as a "walking into the new year" song. Punchy rhymes delivered by The Fatboy over a smooth rap/soul beat produced by Wister Dice give the listener a braggadocios yet sobering vibe.

The "Toast" cover art is hand drawn and designed by The Fatboy as well, showcasing one of his many other talents and giving this cover a unique, personal touch.

A socially distant and invite only Drunk Zoom Party took place the night of "Toast"'s release, and the official music video shot by Visual Dynasty Productions will be available Jan. 22 on

Listen to TOAST here

In July 2020 I'm releasing "Falcon Heavy

Falcon Heavy OUT NOW!

"Falcon Heavy" my first EP since my self-titled debut almost 10 years ago! It'll includes many of the tracks you guys already enjoy (1993, They Lied ) plus a few that you've maybe only heard snippets of here and there .
Featuring production by Vybe Beatz (R.I.P), @ofclwisterdice , @bluff_gawd , Floss B
, @jkuntryboybeatz , and Serious Beats, plus features by @thevfrmdmv & @ju_juhara , "Falcon Heavy" covers a lot of ground touching on subjects such as aspiration and triumph, stumbling blocks and downfalls, materialism and message and more in a short amount of time!
 HERE  today!!

Music Videos

Smokin' 93. Good Gas.

The finer things in life. 

Its not what they call you, its what you answer to.

Looks can be deceiving.